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THE MAX Challenge: High Financial Return Franchises Available in New Jersey

Although New Jersey is the Garden State, it also has more diners than any other place in the world. In the battle of the bulge, diner food seems to be beating out garden fare, as many people in New Jersey struggle with excess weight, poor nutrition, and low energy. This impacts more than just appearance; it impacts quality-of-life for thousands of people. What if you had an opportunity to help people make major life changes, improving their health and appearance as well as helping them get more energy, while securing your own financial future? With THE MAX Challenge, you have that opportunity. With high financial returns THE MAX Challenge is the best choice for your Gym/Fitness Franchise in NJ. Our franchise partners not only have a pathway to financial security, but also a way to meaningfully impact people’s lives in a positive way.

High Financial and Emotional ROI with THE MAX Challenge Fitness Franchise. Help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Make a difference in your community by doing something that matters. Receive endless thank you’s, gratitude, appreciation, and so much more. (Plus, TONS of high-fives)

What is THE MAX Challenge? You may have heard us described as a gym. We understand the comparison and our closest competitors are probably gyms, but the reality is that offer so much more to our clients and our franchise owners than a gym franchise opportunity can. Gyms focus on exercise and on signing up as many members as possible, regardless of whether they are actually going to work out and make life changes. THE MAX Challenge is focused on lifestyle change. In addition to exercise, we focus on nutrition and motivation. The goal is not to get as many clients as possible, but to make as many life changes as possible. We do that by offering a level of personalization and motivation that people cannot find in a big box gym.

Likewise, while we are expanding our business through franchise opportunities, we are interested in growing high-quality business, not in simply expanding the business because we can. To us, our company is only as successful as our least successful franchise partner. That is why we carefully vet partners, and give our franchise partners the support they need to find success. We help franchisees scout a great gym location, cover area-specific marketing, and provide training for franchise owners and their staff to help launch a successful business and keep it successful after the launch.

THE MAX Challenge offers potential franchise owners some unique opportunities. First, we offer a lower total buy-in cost than most other franchise opportunities. This means that we are able to partner with a wider range of people, really bringing a personal experience to clients. The total investment buy-in depends on location, but runs from $146,868 to $295,592. In addition, while many franchise plans have a lengthy time before they become profitable, we understand that people go into business for financial freedom. While individual situations vary, we offer a plan that results in most of our franchise owners being operational within 8 months of signing their franchise agreements. Even better than that, most of our franchise owners are profitable within a year of beginning operations.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, contact us for more information on a New Jersey THE MAX Challenge franchise.

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