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Get into a business that gives back! Help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Make a difference in your community by doing something that matters. Receive endless thank you’s, gratitude, appreciation, and so much more.

  • No Costly Equipments
  • Little to No Inventory
  • Simple Build-Out
  • Low Construction Costs
  • Small Footprint

Achieve Success with The MAX Challenge!

When you become a franchisee with THE MAX Challenge, you will be backed by our experienced team of professionals in Marketing, Sales, and Operations. Put together, these resources will help you to achieve optimal results for your new MAX Challenge business. You have the vision for your success and business future, this is the team that will get you there!

Success Stories

"It's so much more rewarding than I ever thought possible." - Kim Lachapelle

"This Is Literally A Dream Come True" - Roseann Camarda

"This Becomes Their Family" - Pam Miller

"It's Like My Life Opened Up a New Purpose" – Amanda Milek

Owner Testimonials

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