Your 10-Step Journey to Owning a MAX Franchise


As a membership opportunity, THE MAX Challenge is known for our unique combination of fitness, nutrition, and motivation, helping members make fast and lasting changes to their health, appearance, and most importantly, state of mind. As a business opportunity, we’re known as a franchise that invites owners to get into a business that they’re passionate about, that positions them as an important part of their community, and that’s truly as emotionally rewarding as it is financially.

As our Founder and CEO says, getting into business for yourself can either be the best or the worst thing that you can do. Our job in franchise development is to help you to make that determination. At THE MAX Challenge, our mission is to help people to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. This is true for our members and franchisees alike, so it’s important to us to help you ensure that this is the right opportunity for you, both from an experiential and financial standpoint.

So should you decide to explore THE MAX Challenge franchise opportunity, what can you expect? It’s simple – a highly organized, 10-step process, where expectations are set early on, and all questions are answered throughout. Here’s how it goes:

Step 1: Introduction and Qualifying Call

The purpose of this call is to determine, together, if THE MAX Challenge is the business opportunity for you. During this 20-30 minute call, we’ll discuss your experience, your desired location, and what’s motivated you to learn more about getting into business with THE MAX Challenge.

Step 2: Candidate Profile

The next step in the process is competing your candidate profile. This simple form provides us with some basic background and financial information needed in order to start moving you through the process. Filling out your profile is required, but does not indicate any type of commitment. If, at any point, you determine that you no longer wish to proceed, we’ll still part ways as friends.

Step 3: Real Estate Video

Real estate selection and construction is a subject that often prompts several questions from candidates. It’s no wonder; most people don’t have much in the way of experience in commercial real estate and construction The great news is, we do, and our partnerships with national real estate and construction firms, along with the expertise of our VP of Real Estate and Site Development, Frank Baeli, serve to simplify this process entirely. In step 3, you’ll review a short, 20-minute video that addresses the most commonly asked questions about real estate and construction and the support you can expect from our office along the way.

Step 4: Address Real Estate Questions and Prepare for Next Steps

It’s important to us that all of your questions are addressed before moving on to the next step. For that reason, we’ll always have a follow up call once video content or other information has been provided. During this call, we’ll determine your comfortability with the real estate and construction process and prepare you for the next step; reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document, beginning validation calls, and understanding center profitability.

Step 5: FDD, Validation List, and Center Profitability

Not familiar with an FDD? That’s ok! We’re here to help. An FDD is a legal document that every franchisor must provide to candidates in the pre-sale process, as regulated by the FTC. All FDD’s contain the same 23 items, with the primary focus being on financial performance, costs, fees, and success rates. Some choose to have the FDD reviewed by an attorney, while others lean on the experience of other franchisees. If you do choose to have the FDD reviewed, it’s important to specifically select a Franchise Attorney.

Validation calls are calls made by you to some of our existing franchisees. Validation calls offer you the opportunity to ask your questions directly to experienced owners. No topics are off limits – ask the burning questions you have that will help you to come closer to your decision about joining our family of franchisees.

Finally, we’ll talk finances. Using a 3-year projection document, we’ll help you to determine center profitability and timeframe based on your desired level of involvement, a mutual understanding of the rent in your desired area, and other variable expenses.

Step 6: Review Marketing Video

Who doesn’t love marketing? After all, it’s how you’re going to get members through your doors! In another video, our Director of Marketing, Hayley Guerra will talk to you about our marketing strategy and what makes us a disruptor of the fitness industry. You’ll learn about who our member is, the messaging and imagery we use to appeal to that member, and you’ll get a glimpse at some of the technologies we’ve deployed to help streamline and simplify marketing for our franchisees.

Step 7: Address Marketing Questions and Prepare for Next Steps

We’ll hop on the phone, once again, to address any follow-up questions you may have regarding marketing. During this call, we’ll determine your comfortability with the marketing strategy, our demographics, and corporate support, and prepare you for the next step; the operations overview.

Step 8: Review Operations Video

This video will serve as a detailed explanation of how we help you to run your new business. It will address our commitment to your success through hiring, staffing support, training, and a meticulous attention to business metrics.

Step 9: Address Operations Video Questions and Extend Discovery Day Invitation

Now that you’ve viewed the Operations video, what questions do you have? We’ll address them here and ensure your comfortability with all that was disclosed in the ops video.

At the close of this call, it’s time to prepare for the for the final step in the pre-sale process, DISCOVERY DAY! We’ll proudly extend a formal and exclusive invitation to you to attend Discovery Day and spend the day with our team at our corporate headquarters in Morganville, NJ.

Step 10: Discovery Day

It’s finally here! Spend the day with the team at our corporate headquarters in Morganville, NJ. The purpose of Discovery Day is for you to check all your boxes and determine, once and for all, if THE MAX Challenge is the right business opportunity for you. You’ll spend one on one time with each member of our Leadership Team, as well as an experienced franchisee who is happy to address any of those questions or concerns that will help you decide, firmly, that either YES, you’re ready to move forward, or NO, this simply isn’t for me. We’ll take (or observe – your choice) a class together and conclude the day with dinner at a local hot spot, where you’ll enjoy a fabulous meal and interact with our team and owners in attendance.

Interested in learning more about THE MAX Challenge? Email/Call Kari Denton, Franchise Sales Specialist at, or visit

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