THE MAX Challenge Set to Expand into Florida in 2020

THE MAX Challenge, one of the nation’s fastest growing health and wellness franchises, is excited to announce two new locations in coming to Florida in 2020.

A comprehensive 10-week body and mind renewal program, THE MAX Challenge combines a varying workout regimen with an easy-to-follow nutrition guide to help members achieve and sustain optimal health and fitness. The program has helped tens of thousands of members nationwide to reach their fitness goals with its unique combination of fitness, nutritional counseling and motivation.

All classes are led by energetic, certified instructors trained to provide a superior level of motivation and support that encourages members to work to their own “Level-10 Best.” Additionally, instructors introduce new workouts daily to avoid monotony, to ensure that members remain fully engaged, and most importantly, enjoy the time they spend constantly improving upon their physical abilities.

“Our goal is to make our members not only healthier people, but happier people,” stated Bryan Klein, Founder and CEO of THE MAX Challenge. “We’re looking forward to expanding into Seminole and Jupiter, Florida and look forward to changing lives with our unique body renewal system.”

Marlo Larsen, a former member of THE MAX Challenge in Staten Island, NY, has benefited greatly not only from the health aspect, but the community is built for her as well. She wanted to bring that same opportunity to others, so when relocating to Jupiter, Larsen decided to start her own MAX community.

“What I can’t wait for is the opportunity to bring to others what the MAX has done for me!” Larsen says. “I hope that the MAX of Jupiter will transform lives…I can’t wait to be part of those transformations, to me that’s what this journey is all about!”

Samantha DiFilippo and her mother Alese decided to bring THE MAX Challenge to Seminole for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of those in the community while being close to their family. They are ready to transform lives and create the MAX environment that they have grown to love.

“We decided to bring THE MAX Challenge to Seminole because we truly believe in this program,” DiFilippo says. “It changed our lives forever. It gives a sense of community and belonging to a group that really cares and motivates you to be the best version of yourself.”

Nothing but sunny days for THE MAX Challenge!


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